“How we work.”

Our design methods and approach have been developed over many years to meet a diverse range of projects and clients from large multinational companies to startups.

Every client and project has unique requirements, that need to be identified in a custom proposal with objectives, scope, programme, resources and timescales.

We believe in the value of building long term relationships with clients, in order to develop the trust and collaboration, necessary for taking a design project or a complex development from an idea through to production and implementation.


Design Management
“There’s more to it than just good design."

We undertake design management, coordinating the many design related aspects of new product and service development, working with other specialists and suppliers in marketing, ergonomics, electronics, engineering, materials and manufacturing.

Additional services include graphics and branding, structural packaging design, user interaction and intellectual property issues, working with test houses, patent attorneys and liaison for production tooling and contract manufacturing.


"Start with a clear road map."

Careful planning at the outset is essential to the success of any project, and can ensure a smooth and efficient journey from start to finish.

We can help with generating an effective strategy, detailed brief and feasibility study. A clear understanding of the project scope, resources available and objectives is essential to establishing realistic timescales and budgetary estimates.


"Every product starts with a good idea or proposition."

But where do ideas come from? The project brief? Research? Brainstorming? Triz? Observation? Inspiration? From your competitors?

Our broad experience and expertise across different product fields has often been crucial to developing original and innovative designs, through the cross fertilisation and transfer of ideas, trends, materials and technical knowledge.

These ideas and concepts are then refined and communicated for further consideration, through words, sketches, models and virtual CAD simulations.


“Can you rely on what users say they want?”

Every product must meet the established and real needs of its users, but identifying and quantifying their often unexpressed or future needs and preferences can be more difficult.

We use a variety of tools and techniques, from ergonomics and qualitative surveys to trend analysis, observation and interviews, to provide insights that can guide the product’s design and development.


"Form and function go hand in hand."

We have the technical expertise and computer aided design resources to turn a good idea into a product specification, suitable for prototype evaluation, user testing and manufacture.

Depending on a client’s own capabilities and resources, we can complement the skills of an in-house R&D team or work independently with external suppliers, test houses, patent attorneys and other technical specialists across many fields.


"Yes, but can we be sure that it works?"

The making and use of models and prototypes is an essential feature of our design process for visualising, marketing and engineering evaluation.

We can offer a full range of rapid prototyping techniques and suppliers with the use of 3D CAD data. These range from handmade foam models for exploring shape and ergonomics, through proof-of-principle and engineering prototypes, to prototype tooling and pre-production samples for early market testing.


"Its a great design, but can it be made?”

With a wide knowledge of materials, toolmaking and production processes, we make sure that the practical and economic manufacturing issues are considered throughout the design project.

We have an extensive experience of specifying and guiding designs through to production in Europe and Asia. We assist clients with locating and selecting suppliers, tooling issues and the evaluation of production samples, to ensure a successful implementation of the design intent.